Slow Mission: Regenerate the forests - and drink amazing Coffee! 

Ah, the forest–an enchanting, natural wonder that we love and cherish for its beauty, stillness, and ability to provide sustenance for an entire ecosystem. As an essential component to our climate, the forest functions as a habitat–it provides us with raw materials and the air we breathe. Its peace and serenity offer up a tranquil haven amid the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives–a place to unwind and slow down. At the same time, however, maintaining the survival of forests worldwide is one of the biggest global challenges we face.  

At Slow, growing our “dream coffee” allows us to fulfill an even bigger dream of ours–to regenerate forests globally. We share the collective desire to witness the forest thrive in a sustainable way, all while celebrating the farmers who harvest the crops that grow within.    


The replanting of forests, working directly with farmers, and cultivating coffee in existing forests is no easy feat. It’s a slow process, but it’s our small contribution to the world. We rest assured that no matter where our coffee grows, whether it be in Laos, Ethiopia, India, or anywhere, that in 30 years, it will be surrounded by strong, flourishing forests backed by entire families of farmers who are able to wholly enjoy the fruits of their labor.    

The Slow Dream - Replanting the World’s Forests

Choosing Slow means that you’re supporting our vision to help forests and farmers across the globe thrive. Join the Slow movement and help us replant the world’s forests–one tree, one bean, and one sip at a time.

Defining a new level of transparency in the Coffee Industry

- and connecting with farmers on a personal level 

At Slow, one of our main aims is to define the next level of transparency and traceability within the coffee value chain - which in our view goes beyond certificates and official stamps.


We have chosen to never work with traders, and only buy directly from the growers ourselves - visiting each and every farm, meeting each and every grower. However, to us simply buying directly from growers is not enough. We want to create a truly seamless, integrated chain of production for our coffee. This means investing into better equipment for farmers. This means sharing the risk together, of coffee prices going up and down, of less than Ideal harvests, and adverse weather events. For this to be possible, we have a year-round presence directly on the ground in our main source country, Laos, with 3 coffee growing experts working together with Slow farmers.  


We also want to create a new level of connection between consumers and growers of coffee, and tell the story of the people who do all the hard work. Since we can fully track our supply down to individual growers, each Slow bag has a special QR code on it. This code allows you to access information about the family of farmers who’ve grown the beans for the specific blend you use to brew up each cup of coffee.  


The high level of transparency and connectedness with the growers of Slow is also essential to ensure our sustainability mission is achieved. Building long-term, trust-based relationships enables us to encourage the farmers to use sustainable and forest-friendly cultivation practices.


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