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Mr Visay

Houay Way village  Bolaven Plateau, Laos 

Coffee farmer

In the mountains of Bolaven Plateau, Mr. Vizay, his wife Phouvanh and their family have a breathtakingly beautiful farm.

Mr. Vizay is proud of his agrarian lineage — he first arrived to Houay Way village in 1976, and has been carrying ancestor traditions and cultivating different varieties of coffee beans by sustainable means for 12 years.

Nutrient-rich volcanic ash at his farm produces aromatic coffee beans without the need to use man-made fertilizers. He spends eight hours a day to take care of his crops and handpicks only fully ripened coffee cherries – ensuring the coffee he produces tastes sweet and fruity.


Mr. Vizay is also a jovial person — he loves to eats fish with traditional whisky, enjoys dancing and singing with friends and family, and watching boxing, which is his favorite sport.


Size: 5 ha

Altitude: 1158 m