At Slow, we are all about making good coffee simple.

If you are new to the vast world of coffee and just starting to explore, click or scroll down for information on suggested brewing methods and getting the most out of your Slow coffee. 

Coffee 101 - Getting the most out of your beans

Quality Coffee is Key

  • Using premium quality beans is where it all begins, and it’s a surefire way to make your coffee taste its best.


Prepping the Beans 

  • Perfecting the grind: When preparing your beans, a good grinder makes a world of difference while ensuring consistent grind size and extraction.  


  • Measure by weight, not volume: Yep, there’s an actual science behind it.  Base your water to coffee ratio on actual weight to ensure consistent flavor, cup after cup.

Water Quality and Temperature

  • Another key coffee flavor determinant in the brewing process is the ratio between water and ground coffee.  If you prefer a weak cup, a water to ground coffee ratio of 13ml to 1mg is optimal.  For a medium cup, go with 20:1, and for a strong cup, try 28:1. Start here and play around with these ratios to suit your preference.


  • Temperature is important, and you should aim to brew between 90º and 95º Celsius.  Brewing outside of this range can lead to under extracted or burnt coffee.


  • Considering the fact that coffee is about 90% water, the use of clean, quality water makes a big difference in your brew.  If it’s that next-level cup that you crave, try running your water through a filter beforehand.


Coffee Storage


  • Keep in mind that coffee beans love cool, dark and airtight conditions.


  • Storing your beans for more than a couple of days?  Try using an airtight container to maintain the taste, and keep it in the fridge between uses.

Recipes for brewing Slow

Click through below to see suggested methods for enjoying your Slow! 


French Press –

The ‘Hipster’ Way

Moka Pot –

The ‘Retro’ Way 

Pourover  – 

The ‘Professional’ Way

Coffee Machine – 

The ‘No-Hassle’ Way 

Espresso Machine – 

The ‘Romantic’ Way

Vacuum Coffee Maker

– The ‘Scientist’ Way

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